The Dark Song by Piia Brendenburg

The Dark Song

by Piia Brendenberg

In the short novel, The Dark Song, songwriter India has bought the perfect artist’s retreat home. Nestled into an ideally tiny and remote town, the house draws her in–supernaturally. Something mysterious and sinister lurks within the Bakery House. Will India succumb to its beautiful, dangerous allure, surrendering herself to its perilous inspiration?
Reading this story was like listening to a song. I was carried along with the wonder and danger of the exciting tale. I liked the main character, India, a genuine, typical woman. Though personal descriptions of her were not abundant, she came alive through her genuine, amusing impressions and reactions to her circumstances and to others in her life. Her courage and innate sense of abandon carry her through her ordeal with flair.
Piia definitely filled her story with Great Sentences (see Reading Like A Writer by Francine Prose). I wanted to clean that house even though I knew it was imaginary! I couldn’t find anything in this story I thought could be improved, except for wanting to hear more from Piia Brendenberg! And guess what! She has more coming soon. Keep an eye on this author!

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About Piia Brendenberg: from Amazon

Piia was born in Helsinki, Finland, in the middle of the winter, and she’s been freezing ever since.

A lover of fantasy, history and a good mystery, all of which also feature in her stories, she writes Urban Fantasy and Gaslight Fantasy, both in English and in Finnish.
She lives in a slightly haunted house with her cat, her chocolate, and her overactive imagination, and when she’s not writing or revising, she reads, knits a lot of warm socks, sculpts and paints.

Here is the story behind the Bakery House!


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