Chosen by Jolea M. Harrison


by Jolea M. Harrison

the first book of The Guardians of the Word series

Genre: Fantasy, Adventure, Young Adult

 In a world made up of a strange and fascinating mix of past and future, supernatural and science, twin princes Dynan and Dain are destined players in a battle that will save or destroy the universe.  The five incarnations of their ancestor, Adiem, are in a battle to conquer the afterlife and then the living world, with the boys as the catalysts for his gory victory. Adiem’s twin brother, Alurn has battled his for the fate of the planet Cobalt and the universe since before his death, sacrificing his own afterlife for the stability of reality. Now Dynan must rescue Alurn from Adiem’s clutches. As the founder of the royal dynasty of Cobalt, his position in the afterlife must be restored to prevent an apocalypse. But can Dynan overcome gory obstacles and painful trials to reach him in time?

I have to admit, this book was a little hard for me to follow, especially at first. It is probably due to the chaos of my life and the constant interruption. It’s possible, with some stricter editing, that Chosen could be easier to follow for those of us with three kids clamoring. The word choice sometimes left doubt as to who or what was the subject of descriptions and actions. Technology and supernatural forces mixed, but often left me behind, though it didn’t prevent me from enjoying the story.

My perseverance was rewarded with understanding and the enjoyment of a thrilling and meaningful tale. Stories about the afterlife are a particular favorite of mine because they explore the ultimate mystery. This mystery leant itself to the story, and though I was sometimes confused, so were the characters and it worked for good to create a very human story with real and likeable individuals. The theme of the child wavering between good and evil was compelling, as was the hairsbreadth closeness between destruction and salvation, hell and paradise. The bad guys made me squirm and the description of their destruction of Purgatory with all the dead bodies was wonderfully awful! I also found it interesting that Jolea wrote her story with primarily male characters without making them seem at all womanish, which can be a challenge for us gals.

I really enjoyed this one and I’d recommend Chosen! Chosen (The Guardians of the Word) eBook: Jolea M. Harrison: Kindle Store

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