The Warden War by D.L. Morrese

The Warden War

by D.L. Morrese

Genre: Science Fiction

In this second leg of Prince Donald’s adventures, he is older, wiser, and he knows most of the details about the threat to Westgrove. But he needs proof. Now how does he stop it? The Gotroxians are not going to magically animate the giant Warden statue to attack Westgrove. The information is false, it is manufactured by Chief Advisor Horace Barter to manipulate King Leonard into war for his own reasons. Will young, inexperienced, overlooked Prince Donald be able to convince the king of the deceptions of his father’s closest and most trusted advisor? Will he survive to obtain the proof he needs to convince him? With his friends from the first book, Kwestor and Muce, along with Trixie and Nash and a dog named Moe, they will certainly try.

This book had less humor but more substance than The Warden Threat, the first book in the series. There was lots of guy stuff in this book too–descriptions of military operations and battlegrounds, and strategy. Also fighting, kidnapping, and Androids.

D.L. really makes a world you can believe in with his writing. I kept thinking to myself, “They wouldn’t have used the term ‘dating’ back then!’ or ‘women wouldn’t have asked the men to dance!” but then I remembered that this wasn’t medieval Earth! This was a Science Fiction tale with Androids mixed in. I had just read the section about Androids and then believed this was a historical tale! This is because the story is so engaging and plausible that I really felt like it could have happened.

Prince Donald is becoming a man, learning how to control his emotions (sort of) and how to take responsibility for his kingdom. His genuineness is endearing and his valor is impressive. I really appreciated the moral messages about responsibility and loyalty included in the story, and I would let my 11-year-old boy read both books if he could get his homework done first. (Don’t get me started about that.)

If you read The Warden Threat, you pretty much have to read The Warden War. You can’t leave poor Prince Donald and all of Westgrove and Gotroxia hanging!

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