Scars of a Survivor by Katherine Pearsall on Wattpad

I’d like to introduce Kathryn Pearsall and her short-story, Scars of a Survivor.

Scars of a Survivor is a chilling look into the world of a girl enslaved and Sage, who is there to save her. Their interaction just begins to move past fear and distrust, as we see her appalling life and learn of his compassion for her.

This is a PG-13 title with some disturbing themes, so be sure you’re ready for it.

Since Wattpad stories are unedited and short, I am going to leave it at a mini-review and tell you some more about the author and her writing. Kathryn is 14 years old! She’s right at the beginning of her writing career, and boy does she have talent! She isn’t ready for publishing yet, and so she is honing her craft online. Wattpad holds all of her current works, including poetry.

Here are Katherine’s  story links: (My only complete story) (Short story)

She plans to make “Dear Mom” a complete work as soon as possible. Katherine is a busy girl, balancing school work, sports, etc., so she plans on having in finished within the next year or so at the latest, writing one “letter” per month for a year. Once she finishes, she will keep it on Wattpad. She writes her stories on paper mostly, then types them onto her laptop, copy and pasting it from Microsoft Word to Wattpad.

To see her entire works on Wattpad, visit her profile

Keep writing, Katherine! You are a really talented young woman and I encourage you not to let anyone turn you away from pursuing this talent.

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