Flash Bites by Krista Bunskoek

Flash Bites

by Krista Bunskoek

Genre: Short Story Anthology

Story 1: Freedom!

A teen girl, the child of the country’s best technology experts, escapes her strict boundaries. Using her wiles and her knowledge of her parents, she foils the top-of-the-line surveillance tech to gain her freedom.

Story 2: List for Love

Gillian is afraid of growing old alone. She has decided that after age 30 she will no longer be able to find the true love she longs for. Her last effort to find the man of her dreams is a dance class. How will she fare in her final try?

Story 3: A Day in the Life

What is it like to be a “loonie”, a Canadian one dollar coin? Well this is a story about just that.

Story 4: The Missing Part

A mechanic makes a fatal error during a break job on a young woman’s car. How does he reconcile his mistake?

Story 5: Day Job

Jenny is a spy completing a covert mission. She saves the day in time to make dinner for the hubby and kids.

Story 6:Domestic Bliss: 2022

Bill is a happy househusband in 2022 who downloads dinner instructions and tries not to think unauthorized thoughts.


Krista’s stories were all short, but filled with meaning and imagination. Her writing style is fresh and edgy, with characters you can feel and engage with in just a short narrative. Each story held an important message. Will you be able to see them? My favorite was the last one because it combined peaceful life with the sinister. Themes of freedom, secrecy, yearning for purpose, and responsibility make these stories packed with purpose.

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