Tirfo Thuin by Andrew Butterworth

Tirfo Thuin

by Andrew Butterworth

Genre: Fantasy, Young Adult

Niamh is a young Witche, heir to the Witche Throne, sent on a mission to save her people. With the neighboring Sorcerer kingdom constantly threatening war, her mission is to reawaken the dormant Spirit of the Sea and restore balance in their world. Pursuing her is the evil and terrible King Oddvard who means to stop her by any means possible. With her best friend Henry and a new friend Trialla, met along the way, they seek to save Earth.

I love the title of this book! I also love how it plays into the plot, because it is the name of the surprising ending to the quest, which I won’t spoil for you. This book is packed with adventure, strong characters, fantastic scenes of magical wonder, and wonderful themes. Peace vs. War, tolerance vs. hate, hopelessness vs. action, and the truths about strength and weakness are just some of the great concepts the characters wrestle with.

I really connected with the character Niamh, because she was just so flawed, but brave and eager to overcome her obstacles for all the right reasons. I loved the way Andrew included all her niggling doubts and whines about the rough path she had to take. Niamh’s companion Henry was a great addition to the action, adding an element of fear for the protection of another. It worked well to add the romantic threat of Henry’s relationship with Trialla. This part made me want to see the next in the series! I would recommend this to adults and even teens and tweens who can handle the reading level.

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