Thrall by Jennifer Quintenz


by Jennifer Quintenz

Genre: Young Adult, Fantasy

Braedyn is a high-school wallflower, facing the same insecurities and complexes that most of us do. Bullies, snobs, and jerks pull their typical pranks and harassments. With her best buddies, Royal and Cassie, she can face all the troubles of high school. But when a new boy named Luke moves in next door, her world is dumped upside-down. Humanity is fighting a war with mythical creatures. Secret armies defend humanity against them. Other worlds barely divided from ours threaten to release a horde of soul-sucking monsters. This was so not what she had planned for her junior year!

This book was everything I look for in an entertaining novel. Jennifer gave us a little romance, a little supernatural, a little danger, a little conflict, and a lot of fun. I loved the conflicts that she put Braedyn through. She was afraid of her peers and the agony they could inflict with so little effort. Her fear of being abandoned haunted her, and she came very close to realizing it. Her identity was challenged and her capability of good was called into question. I could relate to these fears and the way Jennifer wrote them was gripping. Will Braedyn be humiliated? Will she be rejected by everyone? What will she do if she is?

I also loved the moral struggle Braedyn faced during her adventures. She had to make big decisions about herself and others that could have drastic consequences. Very adult responsibilities were suddenly thrust upon her. She thought a lot about right and wrong and how her decisions changed and shaped her. She didn’t face easy decisions either. These were some tough calls.

I have no complaints whatsoever about anything. The editing was excellent, the plot flowed effortlessly, and even the unbelievable worked. This was a definite page-turner for me! Jennifer has written a truly engaging book.

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3 thoughts on “Thrall by Jennifer Quintenz

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