Puzzlebook: 100 Matchstick Puzzles by Grabarchuk Puzzles

Puzzlebook: 100 Matchstick Puzzles

By Grabarchuck Puzzles

This new puzzlebook takes a different approach altogether than the other Grabarchuck puzzle books. Using the matchstick configuration challenge, it focuses just on the mechanics of this type of puzzle. But don’t worry, the variations are still many and fascinating. Instead of a multiple-choice answer format, this Puzzlebook provided the problem, a hint, and then a solution to see if you got it right.

This Puzzlebook wasn’t one I’d sit down and solve all the way through. Since there was less variety of puzzle type, I was more likely to do a few at a time every day or so. The thing I really liked about this type of puzzle is that it translates to actual objects. You can copy the puzzle with pencils, popsicle sticks, or matchsticks and work out the problem as a group if you like.

I played this puzzle on a Galaxy Tab 2 7 inch tablet, and the smaller seven inch screen pushed out some puzzles to two pages. It still worked the way it was supposed to work, though. The clever format with connected links taking you to hints and solutions worked well. I liked the hints feature in case I wasn’t sure about my answer, but wanted to still try to get the right one.

These were a bit too challenging for my 8-year-old. She actually found an alternative answer for puzzle number 2 with some leftover shapes, but had to have hints for each one. I think it would take some practice to get the kids’ brains ready to solve this kind of abstract puzzle. It would be a great homeschool activity!

The Grabarchuck family has created another fun, challenging, and creative puzzle book to exercise your grey matter! Just don’t light the matches before you solve the puzzles.

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