Flower Bowl Spell by Olivia Boler

Flower Bowl Spell

by Olivia Boler

Genre: Fantasy, Paranormal

Memphis Zhang sees fairies. Sure, she lives in San Francisco, but that’s pushing the West Coast Weird Factor a bit. She thought she’d left her Wiccan past behind her and settled into the ranks of “normal” life. A push in a Metro tunnel puts an end to that, though, and suddenly the world comes alive with all sorts of supernatural activity.

Memphis can’t help but reconnect with the religion she was raised to and the unusual powers she possesses. Unfortunately, someone else also has powers — someone with sinister motives. A reporter who writes stories about entertainment, Memphis has to find the who, what, when, where, and why for an event that promises to be anything but entertaining. She has to protect her friends and two little girls who are tossed into the middle of it all.

Olivia has crafted an interesting tale with a lot of depth. Though I don’t share Memphis’ religious perspective, I could appreciate her openness, tolerance, and struggle for the truth. I liked her courage and faithfulness to those near to her. I also enjoyed the mixed-heritage confusion she shouldered like a pro, and her confidence in what she loved and what she knew about herself.

The fantasy element of the story sparkled, with fairies, statues blowing raspberries, and a hula doll that can drive! Interesting and sometimes hilarious explanations illuminated these wonders in scientific terms. Memphis and her open disposition absorbed them all and wielded them in the battle against the evil lurking around her.

The elements of past and present, history and mythology, culture and beliefs, all layered nicely to the book’s conclusion. This one was a page-turner! Thanks, Olivia, for the great read!

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