Drayling by Terry J. Newman


by Terry J. Newman

Genre: Science Fiction

Uri Graves is a government official in a Society purposefully and willingly cut off from communication and movement outside local districts. Under the Dunstan Heathfield Revolution, the BFF, or the British Friendly Federation, lives a life of peaceful tranquility. But Uri and his fellow Drayling district citizens are plunged into a disturbing position when the upper government begins changing their way of life. Is the new Archwitan, the highest leader in the BFF, corrupt? Why are these strange and unpatriotic changes being wrought? Is their lifestyle even what is seems to be–what it’s supposed to be? Uri, his son Marius, and a team of fellow Drayling citizens are going to find out, even if it means treason.

Set in the future permeated by the gentility of a time gone by, this book was a calm, dignified, fascinating political mystery. The peacefulness of the book’s ambiance didn’t detract at all from the enormity of the story’s tragedy. Despite a puzzling font irregularity, Terry presented a diverging tapestry of refined life and the precarious footing on which it stood.

The characters exuded childlike innocence and earnest desire for right. Uri was a mixture of experience and knowledge paired with naiveté and a trusting disposition. The characters treated every setback with calm deliberation and attention to one another’s feelings. I couldn’t help but like them and hope for the best for their sakes. I particularly enjoyed the ending which revealed their understanding of the sham their life had been and the colossal challenge of rectifying it.

You can even tell by my writing in this review how the book’s atmosphere affected me. I felt like I was reading a Regency novel a Sci-fi, and a political drama all at the same time. Bravo, Terry!

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