Puzzlebook:104 Puzzle Quizzes by Grabarchuk Puzzles

Puzzlebook:104 Puzzle Quizzes

by Grabarchuk Puzzles

Genre: Puzzles

The Grabarchuks seem to be a never-ending source of great puzzles! This fifth Kindle puzzle book is every bit as challenging as the first one. It has new puzzles that challenged my brain no matter what difficulty level they posed. This book in particular mixed it up, providing an even mix of puzzles that stumped me and puzzles that I got right away, almost on instinct. I think I do best at the spacial reasoning type puzzles where you decide based on shape what the answer will be. There were fewer repetitions of the same puzzle in this book than in 101 puzzle quizzes. There were also quite a few that “got me”. I thought that I knew what the answer would be, but I was surprised because it was a trick!

I viewed this book on the Samsung Galaxy Tab 7 inch with the Android Kindle app. I did have some trouble with this machine’s “select picture” feature. When I tapped on the answer I wanted, it tried to highlight the image of the button rather than clicking it. This is probably a feature of my new tablet I haven’t learned how to turn off yet ;). Also, with the small size, there was an occasional answer choice that appeared on the next page, and one or two where all answers were separated from the puzzle by a page.

Other than the limitations of my device, 104 Puzzle Quizzes was an entirely entertaining experience. Grabarchuck has proven their ability to provide consistently challenging and fun puzzles again and again.

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