The Footloose Killer by Michelle Johnson

The Footloose Killer

By Michelle Johnson

Genre: Mystery, Law Enforcement

Lexi Sawyer and Morgan Pryce are a team of detectives for the Virginia Beach Police Force. They’ve been searching for eight years now trying to solve the case of the Footloose Killer. The heat is on and the Mayor demands answers as yet another dismembered right foot washes up along the shore. It’s been the same story at this time of year each year. They can’t let their personal problems overshadow this case or they could be out of a job. With the Chief threatening to put the blame on them if the case isn’t solved, Pryce battles his demons of alcoholism while Sawyer pines for her missing Navy Seal fiancé. Can they crack this case with no leads? Will their deep friendship blossom into something more in all the stress?

This was a great, quick read; short but sweet. The characters were well developed and I could identify with them (especially Pryce’s coffee addiction). I enjoyed Pryce and Morgan’s relationship and their hint of attraction to each other. There was a lot of case discussion over a restaurant table, which made me worry about the detectives’ waistlines.  I also enjoyed the way the plot unfolded and the great side characters that adorned it. The Hills were priceless! The action was all wrapped up in the quaint package of a resort town where the locals recognized their waitress.

This book was tight and well-thought. There was a ton packed into the small space, but I never felt like I missed out on anything. It was beautifully done. Bravo!

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