Inspiring Childhood, Inspiring Life by Nadia Riell

Inspiring Childhood, Inspiring Life:

Perspectives on Love, Encouragement, and Reaching Potential

by Nadia Riell

Inspiring Childhood, Inspiring life is a collection of heartfelt messages written to a beloved child. Each is packed with affirmations, instruction, wisdom, and affection. Sometimes starkly honest, these messages are timeless truths that every child should hear from a parent or caring adult.

This book is ideal as a reminder to parents about what our children need to hear. Reading it aloud to a child or just using it as a reference for important discussions would enhance any parent/child relationship. It is gentle but truthful about tough realities of life, but expressed in such a loving way that they become a great encouragement.

These days we are losing the richness of the parent/child relationship in our busy, technology-centered world. Truths that our Grandparents knew have been diluted or lost with the abundance of information and barriers between generations. Inspiring Childhood, Inspiring Life is filled with all the keys to regaining those truths for those who were deprived of their benefit in their own childhoods or who fear that loss for their own children.

Written in a short but wisdom-packed format, it is easy to peruse or read cover to cover. It’s also a great daily reading for that personal time with the kids. Discussion and interaction naturally flow out of these ideas, making them an excellent discussion guide. The lessons can apply to any age and can be understood from young childhood to the teenage years, and even into adulthood.

Nadia Riell doesn’t just write this as theory; She lives it with her own children. These are her own wishes and hopes spoken to her little ones, and they are already benefiting from her lessons. She views her children as one of life’s chief blessings and strives to care for them thoughtfully and purposefully.

I highly recommend Inspiring Childhood, Inspiring Life for parents and caregivers as a perfect reminder and resource for loving and communicating with your children through life.

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