Puzzlebook:104 Puzzle Quizzes by Grabarchuk Puzzles

Puzzlebook:104 Puzzle Quizzes

by Grabarchuk Puzzles

Genre: Puzzles

The Grabarchuks seem to be a never-ending source of great puzzles! This fifth Kindle puzzle book is every bit as challenging as the first one. It has new puzzles that challenged my brain no matter what difficulty level they posed. This book in particular mixed it up, providing an even mix of puzzles that stumped me and puzzles that I got right away, almost on instinct. I think I do best at the spacial reasoning type puzzles where you decide based on shape what the answer will be. There were fewer repetitions of the same puzzle in this book than in 101 puzzle quizzes. There were also quite a few that “got me”. I thought that I knew what the answer would be, but I was surprised because it was a trick!

I viewed this book on the Samsung Galaxy Tab 7 inch with the Android Kindle app. I did have some trouble with this machine’s “select picture” feature. When I tapped on the answer I wanted, it tried to highlight the image of the button rather than clicking it. This is probably a feature of my new tablet I haven’t learned how to turn off yet ;). Also, with the small size, there was an occasional answer choice that appeared on the next page, and one or two where all answers were separated from the puzzle by a page.

Other than the limitations of my device, 104 Puzzle Quizzes was an entirely entertaining experience. Grabarchuck has proven their ability to provide consistently challenging and fun puzzles again and again.

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Puzzlebook: 100 Matchstick Puzzles by Grabarchuk Puzzles

Puzzlebook: 100 Matchstick Puzzles

By Grabarchuck Puzzles

This new puzzlebook takes a different approach altogether than the other Grabarchuck puzzle books. Using the matchstick configuration challenge, it focuses just on the mechanics of this type of puzzle. But don’t worry, the variations are still many and fascinating. Instead of a multiple-choice answer format, this Puzzlebook provided the problem, a hint, and then a solution to see if you got it right.

This Puzzlebook wasn’t one I’d sit down and solve all the way through. Since there was less variety of puzzle type, I was more likely to do a few at a time every day or so. The thing I really liked about this type of puzzle is that it translates to actual objects. You can copy the puzzle with pencils, popsicle sticks, or matchsticks and work out the problem as a group if you like.

I played this puzzle on a Galaxy Tab 2 7 inch tablet, and the smaller seven inch screen pushed out some puzzles to two pages. It still worked the way it was supposed to work, though. The clever format with connected links taking you to hints and solutions worked well. I liked the hints feature in case I wasn’t sure about my answer, but wanted to still try to get the right one.

These were a bit too challenging for my 8-year-old. She actually found an alternative answer for puzzle number 2 with some leftover shapes, but had to have hints for each one. I think it would take some practice to get the kids’ brains ready to solve this kind of abstract puzzle. It would be a great homeschool activity!

The Grabarchuck family has created another fun, challenging, and creative puzzle book to exercise your grey matter! Just don’t light the matches before you solve the puzzles.

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Puzzlebook: 100 Puzzle Quizzes by The Grabarchuk Family

Puzzlebook: 100 Puzzle Quizzes

by The Grabarchuk Family

Wow! What a cool idea! This is a whole new use of the ebook format that I would have never have thought of. Using the in-document hyperlinks in the Kindle format, the Grabarchuck family have made a fun and brain-exercising quiz book that works like a program more than a book. Primarily math and spacial puzzles with a few tricks thrown in, this was a fun two-and-a half hour exercise. Increasing in difficulty as it progressed through the problems, I got to number 97 before I couldn’t figure out any of the puzzles and had to guess. I’d say that was a good balance, challenging enough without missing out on very many questions. I loved the cute and modern smileys references!

I ran the puzzles on my Toshiba Thrive tablet with Android operating system using the Kindle app. It worked great in the standard book format, but when I tried to flip to the landscape view, some of the quiz answer choices appeared on a different page. The colors were stimulating and having it in a portable format was especially good for ease of play. Since it is a “Family” puzzle book, I tried it out on my kids too. They were able to use it with ease, provided they could read.

Mira, our family’s almost-eight-year-old puzzle princess, thought the games were  fun until about half way through, and too hard after number 60. Her favorites were the “arrow ones”. They were also a good reading challenge for her age group. (“Mommy what does this spell…D…I….”)

Caius, age 11, thought it was “OK”, however he was enrapt. He ignored everything, playing up to number 70 until the bacon was done cooking. He snapped at his sister when she tried to interrupt him too, so I think he was just being cool. He did say he thought there were too many repeats of the same puzzle with a higher difficulty level.

I haven’t seen anything else like this puzzle book! Great job, Grabarchuks!

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