Evolussion by Kathy Bell


by Kathy Bell

Genre: Science Fiction, Technothriller

In this second installment, Adya Jordan, who has been transformed into Dawn Westgrove, knows about the undefined threat to Earth and that she has a big role to play in saving the planet. Now what is that? We jump ahead past the alarming concept of one woman and 29 men pre-emptively repopulating earth and proceed directly t to the birth of the last of Dawn’s 53 children, Hope. (Don’t worry. She has superhuman powers, so it isn’t as awful as it sounds.)

Nicholas Weaver, the initiator of the regressions, makes his long-delayed final incarnation to search for Dawn’s daughter, Hope. This is his last chance to see the planet saved and see his true love one more time. Once he finds his long-lost love, his daring experiment to save Earth is revealed, and Three Eleven’s extensive and world-changing preparations can be put into action.

I won’t ruin the surprise, but a new and more terrible danger appears with the implementation of defense against the first. Dawn and her children are not what they first appeared to be and a malevolent force threatens Earth, instead of a random disaster. Dawn has to step up to rescue Humanity again!

This book is even better than the last, without the confusion of why Adya/Dawn is always perfect and always knows everything. In fact, she moves beyond her area of expertise facing the horrible threat she discovers faces Humanity. She’s older, more mature, and has faced sorrow. Still, the entire planet is on her side, including the supernatural.

Many themes are touched on in this book. Dawn loses children to disaster and faces the breakup of an important relationship. She gives birth, is deposed from her position under grave suspicions, and communes with the spirits of the planet. Busy lady! Though they are all dwarfed by the danger to the world, Dawn faces each with all the strength she can, and the help of a plasmid that is more than just a cell anomaly in her body.

I already have the third book and will be reviewing it soon, but be prepared to buy all three books, because you just can’t turn away from the fate of the world!

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One Insular Tahiti by Thea Atkinson

One Insular Tahiti

by Thea Atkinson

 Genre: Psychological Drama

Luke is a spirit between one life and the next, washing around in the sea of time and memory waiting for the moment when he is reborn. At the mercy of the whims of the current, he flows through his own life and the lives of others from his past life and future life on a bizarre train of feeling and thought (that seems a lot like my regular thinking patterns…eee). The moment that he longs for, his own rebirth, is approaching. He yearns for his mother, Astrid, who suffers through a painful life that he wished to be. His wish to be born as her child tipped the scales between her life and death and she survived. He then adds her experiences to his own in his drifting, joining her in her painful struggle through life until the moment of his birth.

Don’t worry. Thea explains right at the beginning of the book what “One Insular Tahiti” means.

One Insular Tahiti is both beautiful and awful, comforting and repulsive, heartwarming and disgusting. Don’t worry, it’s supposed to be. Luke’s life and Astrid’s life are not lovely journeys through happy times. They suffer through some of the worst events and afflictions a person can endure. These sorrows make their joys all the sweeter.

I don’t believe in reincarnation myself, but I am always fascinated by other ideas about the afterlife. I can’t help but compare my own beliefs to the beliefs portrayed by the author and imagine how the story would be different in my hands. The philosophy of life and death is very different from my own, but I could put myself in the place of the characters and see just why they believed the way they did.

Thea’s writing is vivid and gripping. I found myself itching to move on to Luke’s birth, hoping as he did that the next chapter would be it. I joined him in his feeling of dread when he saw another awful epoch of his past life rush in again, and in his elation when he encountered moments of joy.

These characters were so real that I wondered if they came from experience of  the author or someone she knows. Afflictions that I know nothing about, but wonder about, are explained in a moving manner. The writing really made me feel I had seen through someone else’s eyes, understanding their feelings and motivations. I really liked that! It didn’t change my beliefs, but it did make me feel I gained sympathy for others’ perspectives.

I really enjoyed One Insular Tahiti and I would highly recommend it to adults who are prepared for its depth and dark themes.












Thea Atkinson is a writer of character driven fiction; call it what you will: she prefers to describe her work as psychological thrillers with a distinct literary flavour. As in her bestselling novel, Anomaly, her characters often find themselves in the darker edges of their own spirits but manage to find the light they seek.

She has been an editor, a freelancer, and a teacher, but fiction is her passion. She now blogs and writes and twitters. Not necessarily in that order.

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The Disenchanted Pet by Kate Policani

The Disenchanted Pet

by Kate Policani

Genre: Science Fiction

(Yes, this is my book, but these are not my reviews!)

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Thank you, Tahlia, Sharon, Nadia, Maria and Laura!

Book Synopsis:

Far into the future, the Earth is ruled by the ShaZha, a hyper-intelligent race of alien beings who are plagued by the violence and volatility of the human race. Supposedly intending to repair the broken societies and polluted planet, they have found the Human problem to be much more complex than they ever imagined.
Zarah is a Prodigy, an obedient human, with a caring ShaZha master. Zarah wants to prove all her master’s hopes that humans can be civilized and responsible. When she is lost by her master and exposed to the other side of humanity, she must confront the possibility she might be not a valued citizen, but a pet.

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