Dancing in the Shadows of Love by Judy Croome

Dancing in the Shadows of Love

By Judy Croome

Genre: Contemporary Fiction, Literary Fiction

Five stars

The tales and perspectives of three women intertwine in a story through time. The child Lulu is an abandoned and shunned albino living in a society that considers her cursed. Zahra overcomes her shattered past of abuse, suppressing her victimized inner child to become a proper “Templeton wife” for a rich son of a pharmaceutical empire. But she lives on a precipice of self-control, and always in the shadow of her beloved, charismatic mother-in-law, Grace. Jamila grows up in poverty and shame because of her gambling father. Once she reaches adulthood she flees to Old Sea City to find a better life. There she meets Zahra’s grandson and they fall in love.

After a betrayal by her first love and a prison sentence for the crime of another, the adult Lulu meets the young woman Jamila and her grandmother-in-law-to-be, Zahra. The three women’s lives intertwine through their loves and their beliefs. Can the mysterious Enoch help them to release their pain and revive their hearts, or will the betrayals of others throw them into a hell of despair?

Judy weaves Dancing in the Shadows of Love into a tapestry of words. She uses past, present, and future; first person and third person, and different perspectives through different eyes to show the complexity and heart-wrenching sorrow of life. Though her characters know what is right, they can’t always find it, follow it, or surrender to it. Through their successes and failings she displays the many facets of faith and sin.

Her scenery feels like a strange mix of another world and this one, fluctuating between the two in a fascinating mix. Some scenes feel like an ancient barbaric past, and others feel like modern times. I enjoyed her interesting symbolism, and though I didn’t always feel I understood each nuance, they created a mystical and emotional feel for the scenes.

This story deserves more than one read just to soak in all the meaning. Bravo to Judy for a beautiful tale! I approve this title for Awesome Indies. http://awesomeindies.net

I received this book from the author for the purposes of an unbiased review.

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