Until Next Time by Amy Lignor

Until Next Time

by Amy Lignor

Genre: Romance, Fantasy

Emily and Matt are angels under the authority of the Saints and archangels. They were created, raised, and trained to travel to earth into human “shells”, living out the remainder of their shell’s unfinished life and shaping the lives of their charges while trying to help Heaven figure out why humanity has lost hope. Their bond is forged in their creation and they will always be together, working for Heaven’s purposes.

In this first book of the series, Emily and Matt’s shells are Daniel and Liz, young people facing the corruption and trials of life in old Ireland. In a time of horse and carriage travel and new opportunity in America, Liz and Daniel must sort out their confusing new life that isn’t new.

Their purposes are confused and their understanding of their relationship breaks down as Liz falls for Jason, a destined companion in their life. Will they sort out their confusion and move past their paranoia and doubt to accomplish their true purpose in this life, or will they fail?

This book is a wild and exciting ride, mixing mystical Catholicism with reincarnation. Toss in some demi-god saints and a desperate fight to discover why humanity has lost hope and you have an adventure.

This book mixed the daring themes of Apocalypse, supernatural battles, speculations about the afterlife, and deep examination of human nature, all of which I love to read.

I didn’t always feel like I understood exactly what was going on. Often I felt like I was missing something, but if I muddled along I eventually figured it out.  My confusion didn’t interfere with my enjoyment of the story, but it did force me to look back some.

Some things I don’t thinks should have been left unexplained. Why did Faith and Liz run off with men they’d just met? Why, when she heard about Charles’ sordid past, did Faith feel romantic toward him and declare her love? These and other exciting hints don’t seem to lead to revelations. Until Next Time had great copy editing, but the editor didn’t seem to pay much attention to story and scene flow . Like Emily, I was frequently lost in Liz’s world, losing track of her angelic purposes.

The characters in this book are vivid and lovable.  Her world and its reality are very intricate and well thought-out. The scenes of heaven and earth are vivid and the conflicts are both fantastic and realistic.

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