The Last Dawn by Christina Lasater

The Last Dawn

by Christina Lasater

Genre: Romance, Fantasy and Futuristic

Madison is a young woman forced to confront her past before the destruction of earth. After painful separations and confessions between those closest to her, she and the rest of humanity must flee Earth as it plummets into the sun.  Madison is forced onto a spaceship and away from everyone she knows. On Athera, her new planet, she faces an ordered but harsh life. Can she endure this life or must she escape to find her loved ones at the risk of her freedom?

This was a short, sweet, simple tale of adventure and strong emotion. Madison is a passionate girl who must push forward despite her inner turmoil. I really liked the deep inner struggles Madison displayed when faced with impossible situations.

As for negatives, the present-tense perspective of the story isn’t my favorite style, and I think the editing could have been more thorough, especially with word choice. I would have liked to hear more of the story, too, with greater detail in the scenes. It would have given me more time to connect with the characters’ emotions.

The dreamlike quality of the main character’s experiences really interested to me. There was an almost surreal quality to the changes she faced fleeing the doomed Earth. I kept wondering if she would wake up, or if there would be other worlds. I think the author could have entertained me twice as long with details about more planets.

I enjoyed the ironic confrontation at the climax of the action and the choice Madison had to face there. I won’t ruin it for you though! Read it for yourself!

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