Life in Death by Harlow Drake

Life in Death

By Harlow Coban

Genre: Mystery, Thriller, African American

Kari Marchant is a Social Worker caught in a deadly web of secrets and murder. During a crunch of cases when one social worker goes on her honeymoon, a little girl falls through the cracks. Detectives Nicolet and Cobb step in to follow the clues and find the person who killed Patience. The farther they delve, the stranger things become and the more people die. The murders are gruesome and the motives are worse. Can they find the killer before the there are no witnesses are left?

This was a fun read with interesting characters and a cool and surprising plot. Harlow kept me guessing about who did it and why throughout the book, and hit me with a lot of big surprises. The main phrase I’d use about the book, though, is “More, please.” I wanted more background on the characters and on the Liberian angle. I wanted more detail about the actual deaths and the investigation. I wanted to learn more about the terrifying villain and his sick agenda. I wanted more tension and detail about the budding romance between Nicolet and Kari. I wanted humor in those little places where it screamed for it, but was left out.

Life in death is an entertaining read with an ending that made me think wow, that was weird, but it could have been a really thrilling and gripping story if there was more of it.

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