Viking Myths by Thor Ewing

Viking Myths:

Stories of the Norse Gods and Goddesses

By Thor Ewing

Genre: Mythology, Religion,

Five stars

From the surreal tales of the beginnings of everything to the humorous antics of the gods, people, and creatures, anyone can enjoy Viking Myths: Stories of the Norse Gods and Goddesses. Whether you like heroism or bizarre pranks, this collection has something for everyone. Does Loki shave a goddess bald? Why yes. Does he fix it in a fantastic manner? Of course! Thor dresses in drag, Loki becomes the mother of a horse, and Odin trades his right eye for godly wisdom. Grab a really big glass of ale and enjoy Viking Myths. Thor Ewing presents a straightforward telling of the intricate and bizarre myths of the Norse gods. He uses plain language and tells the stories in an understandable progression, considering the wildness and interconnected nature of the stories. I enjoyed the inclusion of the plain translated names of people, creatures, and objects that shed more light on the deeper meanings of the names. The bizarre symbolism of so much of it makes me want to know more about the unique way of thinking of the culture. Thor’s retelling truly kept the magic of the tales alive while bringing clarity to their meanings. I received this book from the author for the purposes of an unbiased review.

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Djinn by Laura Catherine

Djinn cover copy


by Laura Catherine

Genre: Fantasy, Paranormal, Urban Fantasy


A teen shouldn’t have to live a life on the run, with constant moves and training in self-defense. Kyra and her father have always lived this way, and though she resents it, it is what she knows.

But everything she knows shatters when a boy named Will and his team of supernaturally-powered friends kidnaps her and takes her to the community of the Djinn. She learns her true past as a noble daughter of the Djinn, a magical people with fantastic powers, and she discovers the true identity of the man she thought of as her father. Can she rearrange her whole perspective of reality to fit in to the place they say she belongs? Can she adopt their strange culture and master the supernatural powers she possesses? Can she ignore her heart and reject the tempting Will because of their different classes in Djinn society?

Laura has worked long and hard on Djinn. One of my first “web friends” through our blogs, I have seen her grow and mature as an author. I know how much we writers need to learn so we can hone and craft great books. Laura is miles ahead of me as a young writer, and I am honored that she let me contribute to her efforts!

Laura’s new slant on the Genie is a lot of fun. Her world and her characters have a vivid life to them and the feelings she addresses bring them to life. The exploration of prejudice and classism she explores through the story and the protagonist perspective has a fresh perspective in the contemporary work.

The book still could use some work with active writing, verb variety, and variety in sentence structure. Some overcomplicated or overlong sentences remain, as well as a few confusing paragraphs. The way Laura wrote the book, the language might work much better as an audiobook or a movie. Some of the dialogue took a little analysis to follow the meaning.

Kyra’s tough girl character with a solid connection to her emotions was refreshing. She represented just the right mixture of soft and tough so that I didn’t want to smack her for being a wimp, but also didn’t consider her heartless. Laura thought a lot about how her characters would react to the strange surprises in their lives and that enhanced my experience as a reader.

I can’t wait to see what Laura will come up with next!

I received this book from the author for the purposes of an unbiased review.

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