The Bone Road by Mary Holland

Bone Road


The Bone Road

By Mary Holland

Genre: Fantasy

Four Stars

Rhona the midwife and divvy has just lost her mother. A sudden stroke overtook her on the road and now she lies in the ground, becoming a part of the Bone Road. What survives is her mission. Rhona must carry out her mother’s last wish and travel to meet someone she doesn’t know to carry out a mysterious favor. Her journey begins the strange and wonderful journey of The Bone Road. Through the lives of her son and Selena, the woman she must aid, we learn the culture and fierce dignity of the Deo, from Wid and Zeosil, Shun, Landers, and Nobile. What will this final chore cost Rhona? How will young Jak choose to carry on his life after the choices she has made? Can Selena face the terrible Markus after what he has done to her son, and what will she do when her desperate plan results in a life she never knew she could have?

I enjoyed this story thoroughly. Mary spun a tale rich with culture, tradition, mystery, and adventure. The details sparkled and I felt like I joined them in the rich world of Deo. Part of my sadness at ending the story was about leaving Mary’s lovely world.

The people she created and their world fascinated me with their meaning and depth. Rhona, Jak, and Selena enchanted me with their fierce courage and honor. I cared about them like friends and felt great relief when they evaded danger. Markus the villain fulfilled the creepy, evil role with flair. I loved the emotional touch she achieved through the Deom traditions and taboos, and the ways the characters broke them for all the right reasons.

Though the mantle of main character transfers unexpectedly midway through the book, it really fits with the increasing strangeness of the tale. Events transpire that just one character couldn’t experience. The split perspective resolves at the end of the action when they unite against the villain.

Mary’s creativity shone in this tale through her rich characters, vivid and gorgeous settings, and wonderful, sometimes beautifully awful, surprises throughout the tale. I approve this story for Awesome Indies.

I received this book from the author for the purposes of unbiased review.