Incubus by Jennifer Quintenz




Genre: Fantasy, Paranormal, Young Adult

Braedyn, A succubus posing as a regular teen and working with the organization that fights the succubae for humankind, enters into a deeper threat in Incubus .   The arrival of Seth and his mother, a guard archivist, reveals that the gateway to the realm containing all the trapped Lilitu. An opportunity for the Lilitu to open the gate fast approaches.

Regular life has plenty of problems too. Braedyn loves Lucas and he loves her, but she might accidentally suck his life force out of him if they kiss. If she hurts anyone else, she may lose forever her chance to become human and have a regular life with Lucas. One of her best friends doesn’t know Braedyn’s scary secret and she’d like to keep it that way. Her high school nemesis, Amber, has amped up the evil and petty attacks on Braedyn, threatening to hurt her friends if she doesn’t leave the school.Who is the mysterious incubus planning to open the gate and can they stop him?  Can Braedyn overcome all this?

Jennifer has triumphed again in her second book of the series. Incubus was packed with action, intrigue, awesome characters, and a great surprise ending. I thoroughly enjoyed every page and felt a lot of frustration when my tablet battery ran out at midnight and I couldn’t finish the book until later the next day.

Braedyn is a character I can really connect with. She makes a lot of mistakes, acts impulsively, and feels like her impressions are the truth whether she has all the information or not. She really yearns for a human life and the reader will really want her to get it.

The supporting cast is no less intriguing. Lucas and his hunger to be treated like a man, but fears of being left alone, really make me want to pinch his cheeks. Seth was creepy, endearing, and a great motivator for the action with his drive to see his mother’s work through.

The ending gripped me and I had to exercise a lot of self-control to stop reading when my real life intruded. Jennifer wrote the stakes for Braedyn and the world in a very engaging manner with a lot of great twists and turns to keep me on my toes. I loved this book, as I did the first in the series, Thrall, and I would recommend both. Really, don’t skip the first, because they are both so good and two awesome reads are better than one!

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I received this book from the author for the purposes of unbiased review.

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Don’t Judge a Book By Its Magic


Don’t Judge a Book By Its Magic

by Kate Policani

Genre: Romance, Fantasy, Paranormal


Colleen is a normal girl. She loves shoes, chick flicks, and cute clothes. The only thing abnormal about her is that she’s just become a magician; not the disappearing bunny kind, but the power-shooting-out-of-your-hands kind of magician.

Her problem now is that she doesn’t believe in magic. Well, she believes in it. She’s seen it shoot out of her own hands, but she opposes it in a moral sense; no hexes, no spells, no incantations, no potions, no amulets, no tomes, no casting circles, no eye of newt, none of that. She has to be very clear because people pressure her about it. Whatever they say about “how it’s done,” this is a morality issue for her and she will not cave in to their pressure.

Join Colleen at Seattle Pacific Regional University, where she becomes a part of The Convergence. She’ll learn the freaky side of Work Study, Financial Aid, and Vyxhepiocht. Seriously, she’s never seen so many hot guys. It’s going to be wild!

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Until Next Time by Amy Lignor

Until Next Time

by Amy Lignor

Genre: Romance, Fantasy

Emily and Matt are angels under the authority of the Saints and archangels. They were created, raised, and trained to travel to earth into human “shells”, living out the remainder of their shell’s unfinished life and shaping the lives of their charges while trying to help Heaven figure out why humanity has lost hope. Their bond is forged in their creation and they will always be together, working for Heaven’s purposes.

In this first book of the series, Emily and Matt’s shells are Daniel and Liz, young people facing the corruption and trials of life in old Ireland. In a time of horse and carriage travel and new opportunity in America, Liz and Daniel must sort out their confusing new life that isn’t new.

Their purposes are confused and their understanding of their relationship breaks down as Liz falls for Jason, a destined companion in their life. Will they sort out their confusion and move past their paranoia and doubt to accomplish their true purpose in this life, or will they fail?

This book is a wild and exciting ride, mixing mystical Catholicism with reincarnation. Toss in some demi-god saints and a desperate fight to discover why humanity has lost hope and you have an adventure.

This book mixed the daring themes of Apocalypse, supernatural battles, speculations about the afterlife, and deep examination of human nature, all of which I love to read.

I didn’t always feel like I understood exactly what was going on. Often I felt like I was missing something, but if I muddled along I eventually figured it out.  My confusion didn’t interfere with my enjoyment of the story, but it did force me to look back some.

Some things I don’t thinks should have been left unexplained. Why did Faith and Liz run off with men they’d just met? Why, when she heard about Charles’ sordid past, did Faith feel romantic toward him and declare her love? These and other exciting hints don’t seem to lead to revelations. Until Next Time had great copy editing, but the editor didn’t seem to pay much attention to story and scene flow . Like Emily, I was frequently lost in Liz’s world, losing track of her angelic purposes.

The characters in this book are vivid and lovable.  Her world and its reality are very intricate and well thought-out. The scenes of heaven and earth are vivid and the conflicts are both fantastic and realistic.

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The Last Dawn by Christina Lasater

The Last Dawn

by Christina Lasater

Genre: Romance, Fantasy and Futuristic

Madison is a young woman forced to confront her past before the destruction of earth. After painful separations and confessions between those closest to her, she and the rest of humanity must flee Earth as it plummets into the sun.  Madison is forced onto a spaceship and away from everyone she knows. On Athera, her new planet, she faces an ordered but harsh life. Can she endure this life or must she escape to find her loved ones at the risk of her freedom?

This was a short, sweet, simple tale of adventure and strong emotion. Madison is a passionate girl who must push forward despite her inner turmoil. I really liked the deep inner struggles Madison displayed when faced with impossible situations.

As for negatives, the present-tense perspective of the story isn’t my favorite style, and I think the editing could have been more thorough, especially with word choice. I would have liked to hear more of the story, too, with greater detail in the scenes. It would have given me more time to connect with the characters’ emotions.

The dreamlike quality of the main character’s experiences really interested to me. There was an almost surreal quality to the changes she faced fleeing the doomed Earth. I kept wondering if she would wake up, or if there would be other worlds. I think the author could have entertained me twice as long with details about more planets.

I enjoyed the ironic confrontation at the climax of the action and the choice Madison had to face there. I won’t ruin it for you though! Read it for yourself!

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Three Girls and a Wedding by Rachel Schurig

Three Girls and a Wedding

by Rachel Schurig

Genre: humor, romance

Why is it that we girls are always forced to choose between love and career? Jen Campbell thinks she has made the right decision, sacrificing her own romance for the career of her dreams: planning weddings. NoLimits, a premiere event planning firm in Detroit, Jen is pushing for the top. Her hopes look like they’ll become reality when she lands a supporting role planning a gala wedding week for local mogul, David Barker’s pampered daughter, Kiki. Though she is undercut for the lead role by smarmy Jason Richardson, this is still her chance. Determined to make her name known, she pulls out all the stops.

A foil to her hectic career is her beloved, peaceful home-life, living with her two best friends, Ginny and Annie  and Danny, Ginny’s little boy. The highlight of her day is time spent at home with her friends, which is an enormous conflict with her career goals.

To make things even more hectic, Ginny asks Jen to plan her wedding at the same time as the career-making Barker wedding. Can Jen have a career and a life? Will she end up with Matt, the groom’s hot brother, will she find common ground with the self-centered and douchetastic Jason, or will she end up alone? Will she even survive?

I have to admit my dark secret, that I love those shows where brides pick out dresses. I even used to watch the wedding story shows with every detail of weddings, but I watched too many and burned myself out on them. Still, I have an incurable love for all the girly, frilly, fabulous fun! This book was all that and an Amsale dress. Though it was a second in a series, there was nothing preventing me from enjoying the full story without having read the previous book. All the characters were fun and interesting. The plot never lagged and the girly excitement never fell flat. I felt the friend bond between Jen and her friends. I ground my teeth at Jason as he dumped all the work on poor Jen and took all the credit. I worried for Jen as she endured the piles of work and problems, screwed up with everyone even though it wasn’t her fault, and fretted over Matt and his strange standoffishness. The ending was the best! But I won’t spoil the surprise…. I do have to issue a warning for intense girliness, frills, foo-foos and drama. If you can’t take the heat, stay out of the boutique! Rachel Schurig has written a thoroughly fun and enjoyable story of love, marriage, weddings, girl power, and all the headaches and drama that come with them.

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