Into The Mist: Silver Hand by Steve Finegan

Into The Mist: Silver Hand

by Steve Finegan

Genre: Children, Young Adult, Fantasy, Mythology

Gabe is a young teen under pressure. He has just moved to a new town, facing a new house, a new school, and all the trouble that comes with it. In addition to his regular stresses, he lives with an epilepsy disorder resulting from a head injury when he was little. Strangely, his affliction initiates a connection to something fantastic. After meeting the perky neighbor girl, Ellie, supernatural things begin to happen to Gabe. A strange wood full of old trees, a ruin, a witch’s ghost, and a creepy legend all lead into the Mist.

Steve’s story is packed with action, fantastic scenes, and heroics. Gabe’s calling and unique challenges flavor this story with realism alongside the supernatural. All the awkwardness of life as an early teen, coupled with that knowledge that somehow he is different from everyone, inferior, makes Gabe a compelling character. The amazing things he has to do to overcome his fear and doubt to set things right make me want him to succeed.

I did feel that sometimes the flow of the story was interrupted by excessive description. I sympathize with the author’s love of his scenery and ceremony, but I think he would have achieved better flow if he had left it to the reader to imagine some of the setting.

The ending left me wanting more, which was intentional. Themes of honor, trustworthiness, consideration, and responsibility made it an excellent read for kids. I particularly liked his themes of redemption and how it wasn’t an easy fix. Gabe had to suffer to make things right when he screwed up. I can’t wait to see what happens in the continuation!

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