Mark of the Loon by Molly Greene

Mark of the Loon

by Molly Greene

Genre: Women’s Fiction, Contemporary Fiction

Madison Boone is a real estate agent and house “flipper”  in Sonoma, California. In her hunger for the next house to renovate and resell for profit, she comes across the fascinating B estate. With the help of her best friend and lawyer, Genevieve Delacourt, Madison acquires the Blackburne estate. It seems she has taken it right from under the noses of a mysterious buyer who has sinister motives. What kind of amazing  payout could cause such aggressive action from the other buyer? What mysteries are hidden in the quirky old home among all the memories and mementos left by the Blackburnes? Who is lurking around outside the house? Can Madison let herself open up to Gorgeous Cole Welles?

This mystery novel was the embodiment of everything you imagine when moving into a home. “What if there is more to this place than I thought?” It’s what you always think. You know you do! Every exciting flight of fancy is explored and this time there is something behind all the suspicions. We also get a healthy dose of romance for the main character and her friends.

Molly writes a rich story full of lush descriptions. Her characters are deep and chock full of relevant issues for women. She explores divorce, career priorities, living alone, bereavement, and other issues women face.

The only thing I didn’t love about the book was the sometimes excessive description, especially at the beginning of the book. All the descriptions were beautiful and gave me an exact picture of what was being described. But it felt like it interrupted the story on more than one occasion. This is really a personal preference though. I know that more than one of my friends would pinch me for saying that.

The style was a very natural, gradual one, with mysteries popping up here and there amidst regular life. Madison was an engaging character that I could really connect with. Her fears about being hurt by others and her drive to ignore her pain by covering it up with busyness really spoke to me. I also really liked the subtle insertion of hints of the paranormal without so much that it became a paranormal book. It added to the mystery and gave it a wider appeal.

Now I have to go and figure out what I can unlock with that mysterious key I found under my baseboards!

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About the Author:

Molly Greene is an author, blogger and freelance writer with an extensive real estate background. Her debut novel, Mark of the Loon, is available on Amazon. Molly has renovated six homes over the years and is currently completing number seven, all the while plotting her next book and her next life adventure. Visit her blog at http://www. and follow her on Twitter!!/mollygreene

When Girlfriends Break Hearts by Savannah Page

When Girlfriends Break Hearts

by Savannah Page

Genre: Chick-lit, Women’s fiction, Contemporary Fiction

Life is sweet, her job is great, and her dreams are coming true until bitter betrayals descend on Sophie. Her relationship with her dreamy boyfriend Brandon explodes when he confesses to one of the worst misconducts a couple can face. Control-obsessed Sophie faces one of the biggest challenges of her life as her friendship is tested with her cherished circle of friends. Can she learn to forgive, reconcile, and carry on with her life?

When Savannah Page labels this book as “chick lit”, she is not kidding. If you have too much testosterone for stories including “feelings”, relationships, decorating, gardening, or girls nights with baking and chick movies, this book is not for you. The rest of us will love it!

Savannah’s characters are peppy and fun, and her plot is meandering but realistic. I felt like Sophie and her friends could be real people here in Seattle. I enjoyed Sophie’s personal growth from a woman who clung to her sense of control over her life, to maturity in understanding “letting go” of things for her good and the good of those she loves.

I did feel that the action of the book struggled after the climax. The descriptions turned to introspection, and skimped some on the dialogue and action. Many transitional scenes took away from the power of the message. The message held true, though, and brought some important lessons that everyone needs to know.

Savannah serves a warm, delicious serving of tangy life, drizzled with spicy drama, and topped with a sweet fluffy dollop of  sisterhood. Sophie would certainly have a bestselling menu item at “The Cup and the Cake” with that kind of entrée!

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